We specialize in treating patients with neck and back pain. We emphasize early intervention and offer a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to spine care. Our goal is to encourage an early, safe return to your routine activities and workplace, and to help you prevent long-term disability from back and neck pain.

SpineCare offers a unique personalized approach, with the patient at the center of care. We see the patient as a critical member of that team, and we ask our patients to be actively involved in their own treatment and long-term success.


New patients treated between January 1 and December 31, 2017

Patient Perspectives

Quality Care

94% agreed that the SpineCare Program offered quality care.

Returning Patients

96% would prefer to come back to the SpineCare Program if they ever needed care again.

Recommend to Others

95% would recommend the SpineCare Program to others.

Latest News

Lumbar Musculoligamentous Strain The muscles of the lower back are critical in maintaining upright posture and providing controlled movement of the spine, thereby protecting the spine from injury. Strong muscles reduce stress placed on the disc, facet joints and ligaments. With prolonged bending, twisting or heavy...