Exercise to Maintain a Healthy Back & Neck

Exercise to Maintain a Healthy Back & Neck

June 6, 2010  |  Articles

Certain types of exercise will be helpful to maintain a healthy back and neck as well as help you control pain during a flare-up.

Simple Exercise for Flexibility and Gentle Joint Movement: Aquatic Exercise

What is aquatic exercise?

Exercise performed in the water. Types of exercise may vary from walking in water to water aerobics, swimming, or water sports such as water polo or water volleyball.

Why participate into aquatic exercise?

  • To enable you to exercise with resistance without increasing pain in joints of spine, legs, and arms.
Other reasons to participate in aquatic exercise:
  • To improve cardiovascular endurance
  • To facilitate weight management
  • To provide you a change of pace from your regular exercise routine
  • To encourage social activity exercising with friends or others in the same age group

How often should I participate in aquatic exercise?

2-3 times per week – begin with 20 minutes and gradually work up to 30-45 minutes each session

Where is aquatic exercise available?

  • At your local YMCA, health club or high school
  • Go by yourself, with a friend or participate in an organized class
  • You may stretch and/or strengthen a variety of muscle groups using water as resistance

Begin a formal walking program

  • Start out with brief, short walks at a comfortable pace, i.e., 2 times per day for 10 minutes.
  • Over the next few weeks or months, progress to 1 walk daily for 30 minutes.
  • Talk to your health care specialist for help in setting up a walking program that is designed for you.