What is SpineCare?

What is SpineCare?

SpineCare is an outpatient clinic built around you. Our goal is to meet your needs with a transdisciplinary team of back and neck experts all working together to give you one-stop-shop convenience. This “team-of-specialists” approach allows us to rapidly see patients with spine problems from the common to the most complex.

We offer four locations – in Greenfield, Menomonee Falls, Oconomowoc, and Milwaukee – to make it easy to schedule appointments and get the care you need. And, because of our expertise and focus on proven and innovative treatments, we help you achieve your goals quickly and safely, making SpineCare one of the most cost-effective health care options available.

In addition to some of the area’s leading neurological and orthopaedic surgeons, our staff includes well-regarded physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, neurologists, chiropractic physicians, pain psychologists, spine-trained nurse practitioners and physician assistants as well as outstanding physical and occupational therapists.

We help manage your health care costs by getting you just what you need, when you need it, by those best able to help. And, our emphasis on early intervention sets us apart from other programs. Our comprehensive, evidence-based approach can help you achieve an early, safe return to your routine activities and prevent long-term disability from back pain.

At SpineCare, you are an important part of the care team. We value your input in helping choose the right treatment approach to help you meet your goals. Back and neck pain can be a passing annoyance or it can become a chronic, debilitating problem.

As many as 90 percent of people report at least one episode of back pain during their working lives, and back pain is a major cause of disability. Whether the cause is related to sports, work, stress, weight, injury, aging or some other condition, the team at SpineCare wants to help you relieve your back and neck pain.