Superior Outcomes

Superior Outcomes

We want to help you return to your routine activities as soon and as safely as possible, all while promoting function and helping prevent long-term disability.

Getting help quickly for back and neck problems and learning proper self-help techniques are just two of the ways we work to prevent these problems from becoming chronic. Over the course of treatment, we continue to help our patients make the changes necessary to go about their daily lives safely and effectively.

The SpineCare program tracks and scores patients’ physical and emotional health conditions before and after their treatment. These scores reflect the outcome and quality of the care provided.

The bottom line is that our approach works. Here are some important facts:

  • A majority of SpineCare patients continue in their daily activities to some extent during their treatment.
  • The majority of patients entering the SpineCare program continue working throughout the program.
  • Of patients who responded to our satisfaction survey in 2013:

  • 94% agreed that the SpineCare Program offered quality care.
  • 96% would prefer to come back to the SpineCare Program if they ever needed care again.
  • 95% would recommend the SpineCare Program to others.

SpineCare Program Results
Pre-treatment vs. Post-treatment Condition Scores

Non-Operative Program Outcomes

Operative Program Outcomes