MR based Electrical Impedance Tomography

MR based Electrical Impedance Tomography (MREIT)

This is a new imaging technique that provides image contrast based on electrical properties of tissues. We successfully applied this technique to study conductivity changes in animal models of breast cancer.

Pictured Above: Structural and MREIT images of two animals bearing R3230AC tumor model of breast cancer. Top row is T2 weighted MRI images and bottom row I the corresponding conductivity images. Red circles indicate the tumor area.

Information about tissue conductivity also becomes a critical factor in the efficiency of RF coils as the MRI operating frequency increases. Therefore, this technique can also be an important tool in developing improved radiofrequency coil designs and could aid in optimized B1 shimming for ultra-high field MRI (7T and higher).

Study PI: L. Tugan Muftuler, PhD, Associate Professor of Neurosurgery